Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of stability exercises on lumbar hyperlordosis by StabilizerTM Pressure Bio-feedback Unit in female students of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.24­ subjects recruited from all of the hyperlordosis female students .subjects were  randomly divided in to experimental(12) and control group(12), by using New  York test,spinal mouse(back curve estimate), digital height and weight scale,   goniometer(hamstring muscle flexibility), sit-up­­ test(endurance of abdominal muscle). The experimental group carried out a corrective exercises by tabilizerTM Pressure Bio-feedback Unit for eight weeks, three sessions per week and 60 minutes per session. In beginning and ending of period,pre test and post test was taken. Lumbar lordosis, hamstring muscle flexibility and abdominal muscle endurance were measured before and after the test. Collected data was analyzed statically by using (t) independent and dependent statistical method. All analyzes were done in a significant level P<0/05. The results showed a significant decrease in the curve of back lordosis(P=0/01), a significant increase in hamstring muscle flexibility(P=0/01) and a significant increase in abdominal muscle endurance(P=0/01) in experimental group.Also the results didn’t show significant difference in these variables in control group. Finally, in this studywe found out the Stabilizing exercises are effective on decreasing of the lumbar hyperlordosis and increasing Hamstring muscle flexibility and abdominal muscle endurance.