All the articles are to be registered electronically through website of the journals of the Institute. At first, the article is reviewed by the editor-in-chief and if considered as qualified, are sent for the review process. The articles which are presented without the name of authors, are analyzed by at least two reviewers appointed by the editor-in-chief and board of the journal. The corresponding author is notified of the acceptance, rejection, or call for edition. If the article is fully congruent with the aforementioned criteria and is fully accepted by reviewers, would be subject for waiting list of publication.

Acceptance criteria:

  • The article should be authentic and innovative in terms of results and conclusion.
  • Scientific methods should be observed and valid, authentic, up-to-date references be used.
  • The article should be congruent with the topic of the journal. It is recommended that the article be written around one of the mentioned issues of the journal.
  • The article shouldn’t be outdated and replicated and it should entail innovation and novelty.
  • The article should entail acceptable organization and structure.
  • The article should be congruent with authors’ academic interests and profession.