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Impairment of postural control can increase the risk of injury during sport activities. Genu varum deformity may change, crossing line of gravity from center of knee towards the medial and so disturb dynamic stability. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of genu varum deformity on dynamic stabilization during single-leg jump-landing. Twenty- eight male students (age: 21.53±1.65 year, weight: 66.767±7.51kg, height: 173/38 ± 4/54 cm) according to their knee conditions divided in two groups, genu varum (n = 14) and normal knee (n = 14) were participated in this study. Subject’s time to stabilization were evaluated in anterior-posterior and medial-lateral directions with force plate system during jump-landing task. The results showed  that no significant difference among both groups in time to stabilization in Anterior - posterior direction , while significantly higher time to stabilization was found in the genu varum group compared to the normal groups in medial-lateral  and overall direction(p < 0.05). The results showed that genu varum deformity may affect postural sway in medial-lateral and overall direction. It seems that increased in time to stabilization in medial-lateral  and overall direction in genu varum group due to a change in crossing line of gravity .Therefore, in order to prevent further damage caused by the jump - landing in subjects with genu varum deformity balance training program recommended.