Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student in Sports Biomechanics, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.

2 Department of Physical education & Sport Sciences, Kharazmi University

3 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.


Due to the fact that in old age, the potential for musculoskeletal abnormalities and consequently changes in biomechanical function is associated. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of dry endurance, water and combined endurance training on selected kinematic variables of involuntary gait in men aged 75-60 years. , Water and a combination.Dependent t-test was used to compare pre- and post-test and analysis of covariance was used to compare the effect of three types of training on dependent variables. Findings showed the effect of exercise on a significant increase in normalized stride length, body center of mass displacement, range of motion of hip, knee and ankle dorsiflexion, involuntary walking, although it seems that the use of endurance training can have a positive effect on Have the kinematics of the elderly while walking.



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