Document Type : Research Paper


1 Senior expert in pathology and corrective movements،Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences، Shahid Beheshti University

2 Associate Professor, Department of Health and Sports Rehabilitation، Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences،Shahid Beheshti University

3 Associate Professor, Department of Health and Sports Rehabilitation, Faculty of Sports Sciences and Health, Shahid Beheshti University


Strengthening hip muscles considered as one of methods in prevention and rehabilitation injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. role of abdominal muscles in maintaining the stability of core especially prevention of unwanted movements in spine has been proven. exercise can strengthen these two areas is Plank. The aim of study was to compare hip abductor and abdominal muscles in different Plank exercises positions.
according to selection criteria, 18 male aged 18 to 23 years were in study. The amount activity in terms of maximum voluntary isometric contraction and onset time activation of gluteus medius , Tensor fascia lata, internal oblique and external oblique in 3 types plank exercises; side plank with hip abduction, with hip abduction and flexed knee, with trunk abduction was measured by EMG. data obtained from study were analyzed based on Repeated Measure ANOVA test. results showed there was significant difference in activity of Gluteus medius, Tensor fascia lata and external oblique in 3 types Plank exercises (P≤0.05). maximum activation of gluteus medius, Tensor fascia lata and internal oblique was seen in first exercise but maximum activation of External oblique was seen in second exercise. Significance was not observed only in internal oblique muscle (P≥0.05). results did not show significant difference in onset time of any of muscles among exercises (P≥0.05). it can concluded Side Plank exercises used to strengthen hip muscles and also effective use of core muscles relation to each other. most effective condition for activation of abductor and internal oblique is side plank with hip abduction.