Document Type : Research Paper



 The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of six weeks strength training on nonspecific neck-shoulder pain in female carpet weavers. Subjects were 20 women with a mean age 29/24±/2 years, weight 74±1/6 kg and 7/2±/3 years work history whose their initial work neck-shoulder pain intensity were three and more. They randomly divided into experimental (N=10) and control (N=10) groups. Investigation was semi empirical type with pretest and posttest design and neck-shoulder pain demonstration intensity of two groups of subjects were assessed by subjective pain rating scale (0-9). Experimental work which was in the form of performance of special strength training for shoulders and neck, was carried out for six weeks, three sessions per week, each session lasting 45 minutes. Statistical operations accomplished using descriptive statics and dependent and independent t test by SPSS software (version 21). In the end of the program, dependent t-test results indicated a 3/8±./2 reduction of pain(in Numerical Rating Scale)  in experimental group (p. Based on the results of the independent t-test, the experimental group pain at the end of experimental, was 3/2±./65 degree  (in Numerical Rating Scale) lower than the control group (p. According to these results,18 sessions of specific neck and shoulder strength training significantly  reduced neck-shoulder pain in female carpet wavers.